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2017, Vol. 52, Nr. 3, September
Prognostic markers in acute pancreatitis

ABSTRACT Background. We have studied R122H-polymorphism of the PRSS1 gene and N34S-polymorphism of the SPINK1 gene in patients with various forms of acute pancreatitis. On this basis, new methods for…

2017, Vol. 52, Nr. 3, September
Unusual cause of proctorrhagia for gastroenterologists: Rectal Kaposi’s sarcoma

ABSTRACT Proctorrhagia is a frequent symptom encountered in clinical practice, in primary care medicine as well as in Gastroenterology Departments. The common causes of proctorrhagia include hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, colorectal…

2017, Vol. 52, Nr. 3, September
Caspase-dependent mechanisms and antioxidant defense in the thyroid tissue of patients with nodular goiter with autoimmune thyroiditis and thyroid adenoma according to allelic status of BCL-2 (RS17759659), CTLA-4 (RS231775), APO-1 / FAS (RS2234767) genes

ABSTRACT Introduction. In the process of their vital activity, the cells are exposed to many damaging factors of endogenous and exogenous nature. It is undoubtedly that various toxic influences or…

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