Obese Children May Have More Asthma Complications

A recent study from Japan which enrolled children ages 3 to 8 hospitalized for asthma, found that obese children with acute asthma problems were 26% more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. It showed that gender also plays a role, with obese girls more likely to have asthma diagnosis than obese boys. (

Many studies have shown that patients with colorectal cancer have to be educated to self – manage their condition and improve the quality of their physical, mental and social life after cancer. Self-management support is broader than health services alone, because it can include support from other cancer survivors, community, online, family, friends etc. The aim of current study was to analyze the patient’s satisfaction of medical treatment and health care and, on this basis, to determine the necessity of self-management support following colorectal cancer treatment.