ISSN ONLINE: 2558-815X
ISSN PRINT: 1584-9244
ISSN-L: 1584-9244

2nd Joint Scientific Session


Organized by:

  • The National Academy of Medicine of France
  • The Balkan Medical Union

Venue: headquarters of the National Academy of Medicine of France, 16 Bonaparte street, Paris, France

Download the program here.


  • Emergencies in cardiology and gastroenterology
  • Innovations in oncology
  • Emerging technologies and clinical cardiovascular innovations
  • Nutritional epidemiology and tendencies in the Balkan countries
  • Contributions of the anatomo-clinical medicine of Parisian School of Medicine to the Balkan countries
  • Diabetes mellitus and its complications, including diabetic nephropathy
  • Chronic renal disease in the Balkan countries: epidemiology, prevalence and incidence, clinical point of view, treatment according to the Balkan circumstances
  • Health and food traditions in the Balkans
  • Early diagnosis of gastrointestinal tumours
  • Cultural competence and health care
  • Adipobiology
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • Update of diagnostic tools for evaluating connective tissue diseases
  • Varia

Presentation forms

  • 1 lecture of 10 min, 2 lectures of 15 min, 1 lecture of 30 min
  • 1 round table: 40 min
  • Free communications: 8 min+2 min of discussions

Language: French

Titles, authors and abstracts should be sent to: up to 1st of June 2015. After this deadline no more abstracts will be accepted.

Format: abstracts must be submitted only in French, font Times New Roman 12 pt, one line spacing, max 250 words. Structure of the abstracts: title, authors names, name of institute, department, city; purpose, methods, results, conclusions.

Registration fee: 80 Euro should be paid to the BMU-National Section Account no. RO92 BACX 0000 0030 0149 1001- Unicredit Tiriac Bank- Izvor Branch, Blvd Libertatii no.20, Bucharest, Romania (S.5).



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