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A severe case of acute necrotic pancreatitis caused by duodenal cyst duplication


Introduction. Duodenal duplication cyst (DDC) is a rare congenital malformation that appears in the embryonic development of the digestive tract. It is a benign condition usually diagnosed in infancy and early childhood, being a rare and difficult diagnosis in adult population. DDC is a recognized cause of duodenal obstruction, acute pancreatitis, obstructive jaundice and even digestive hemorrhage.
Case presentation. We report the case of a young adult male with abdominal pain history, who presents with recurrent episodes of acute severe necrotic pancreatitis. The abdominal computed tomography scan revealed a Balthazar C necrotic pancreatitis with partial thrombosis of the splenic vein and a cystic mass in the second part of the duodenum. The endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) established that the duodenal cystic lesion came from the second layer, meaning the submucosa. We performed endoscopic cystotomy with complete evacuation of the fluid content into the duodenum, with favorable clinical outcome.
Conclusions. The particularity of the case is represented by the low incidence of this pathology and the rare form of presentation, meaning acute pancreatitis probably from pancreatic ductular hypertension caused by the DDC.
Keywords: duodenal cyst duplication, severe acute necrotic pancreatitis, endoscopic cystotomy.

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Dr. Madalina Ilie
Department of Gastroenterology, Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
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