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Actual septoplasty techniques


Septoplasty refers to surgical manipulation and/or removal of deviated septal cartilage and/or bone to correct a nasal septal deformity. Up to 90% of people have nasal septal deviations, but the majority is asymptomatic. There are several techniques used when performing septoplasty, the endoscopic ones growing in use because of a better visibility, less complications and faster recovery of the patient. The article shows the different techniques for nasal disobliteration with the main steps and lists the main advantages and disadvantages of this surgery. The main indications for septoplasty are: to correct a deviated nasal septum for irreversible symptomatic nasal obstruction, for improving access for endoscopic sinus or skull base surgery or for removing septal spurs causing epistaxis.
Key words: septoplasty, endoscopy, nasal obstruction.

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