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Antioxidant density in plant foods typical in Bulgarian diet and healthy ageing



Introduction. The Free Radical Theory initiates a research of antioxidants as preventive factors against degenerative age-related diseases. The importance of antioxidants in diet for strengthening the body antioxidant defense is confirmed by numerous studies, arising the need to determine their content in foods.

The objective of the study was to obtain data about the composition of antioxidant micronutrients and biologically active compounds in foods typical for Bulgarian diet, due to their active role in prevention of age-related diseases, thus providing healthy and available food choices of the elderly for antioxidants density diet.

Materials and methods. The vitamins E, C, and bio-actives β-carotene and flavonoids – quercetin, catechins and flavones in 13 fruits and 13 vegetables were studied. The compounds were analyzed with high performance liquid chromatography methods.

Results. The richest source of vitamin E is apricot (4.04 mg/100 g), of vitamin C – red pepper (142.8 mg/100 g), of β-carotene – carrot (6.3 mg/100 g). Quercetin has the highest value in onion (20.41 mg/100 g); catechins are found only in fruits with maximal content in black grapes (19.53 mg/100 g), while flavones are detected only in the vegetables: carrot, peppers, lettuce, and especially in parsley (79.74 mg/ 100g).

Conclusions. The current study provides information of antioxidants density of fruits and vegetables typical for Bulgarian diet. The present data are a basis for establishment of healthy diet for prevention of age-related diseases and can be used for forming the European database of foods antioxidants, building the variety of diets in the European Union.

Keywords: antioxidants density, fruits, vegetables, anti-ageing.

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Tsanova-Savova SP, Savova ZA, Ribarova FT. Antioxidant density in plant foods typical in Bulgarian diet and healthy ageing. Arch Balk Med Union. 2020;55(3):424-430.