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Assessment of the moisturizing and soothing effect of an herbal cream, using a polarization dermatoscope and fluorescence spectroscopy


Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of an herbal cosmetic cream comprising extracts of agnus castus, calendula officinalis and olea europaea in relieving the post-procedural irritated skin.

Material and Methods: A sample of 15 volunteer women who underwent their first bikini laser epilation session participated in the study. The treated area was assessed for moisture and soothing effect immediately after the laser epilation (baseline) and approximately 15 minutes after the application of the herbal cream (Dermoprotective V®). Skin images were acquired using a special polarized LED light dermatoscope and they were analyzed using ultraviolet (UV) light, 3D skin analysis software. Skin moisture levels were measured by an optical-imaging (spectroscopy) technique. Furthermore participants were asked to complete a questionnaire with responses given in a 4-points Likert scale.

Results: The polarization dermatoscope and fluorescence spectroscopy revealed an increase in moisture level by 39.8%. The 80% of the women liked the sense of the cream in their irritated skin and 53% felt their skin soft after the application. The 67% of the participants found satisfactory the skin hydration, while 50% strongly agreed that herbal cream soothed their skin after the laser epilation procedure. No side effects or complains were reported.

Conclusions: The evaluated herbal cream (Dermoprotective V®) is effective in the relieving of the irritated post procedural skin providing also hydration and acceptable cosmetic feeling.

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