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Assistance of the United States of America in the development of the health care system of Georgia


After gaining independence in 1991, during the first years, Georgia experienced a difficult period of patriotic and civil wars, severe economic crises created after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The USA was Georgia’s primary source of financial, humanitarian, and technical support since its first days of independence. The American people and government have made essential contributions to Georgia’s political, economic, and social growth. During this most difficult period, American assistance was crucial to Georgia. This assistance can be divided into three parts: humanitarian aid (medicines and medical consumables), technical assistance (bringing new medical directions to the country, raising the education of medical personnel and society), promoting healthcare system improvement (via combined projects, programs and research with numerous USA organizations, foundations, and scientific research institutions). This fact confirms the USA consistent dedication to assisting the Georgian people in their efforts to establish a democratic society. Over the past 30 years, Georgia and the USA have been constructing friendship and mutual respect bridges based on shared values, common strategic interests, and mutually beneficial cooperation. It is in the interests of both Georgia and the USA to deepen relations between each other, to have a reliable partnership and alliance. The fact that Georgia consistently experienced an attitude of equal interaction while working with American and European governmental and public institutions is especially notable.
Keywords: Georgia, USA, health care system, humanitarian aid, technical assistance.

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Verulava T, Jorbenadze A. Assistance of the United States of America in the development of the health care system of Georgia. Arch Balk Med Union. 2024;59(1):94-104.