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Attitudes of students, teachers, and parents regarding COVID-19 screening tests conducted in school


Introduction. The introduction of COVID-19 screening through rapid antigen tests has become a key mechanism to ensure the continuity of the learning process and safety of school environment during pandemic.
The objective of the study was to investigate and analyse the attitudes and beliefs of students, teachers, and parents regarding the rapid antigen test as a method to limit COVID-19 spreading in school environment.
Material and methods. An online anonymous survey was conducted among 228 participants, 11th and 12th grade high school students (n=114), teachers (n=44) and parents (n=70) in November 2021.
Results. 43.9% of students and 52.9% of parents agree with rapid antigen testing for COVID-19, while over 63.3% of teachers disagree with it. Students (45.6%) and parents (48.6%) shared optimistic expectations that testing for COVID-19 would reduce the spread of the virus in schools, while 59.1% of the teachers surveyed remained sceptical about this prevention measure. The interruption of school classes does not find support among students and parents, as well as among members of the teaching staff.
Conclusions. According to students and parents, rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 seems a more acceptable solution than closing school completely. Given the concern of teachers to conduct antigen tests in the school environment, it is necessary to adequately plan the participation of medical professionals in this process, instead of delegating these activities to teachers.
Keywords: COVID-19 rapid test, school, students, teachers, parents.

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Tarnovska M, Dimova R, Petrova G. Attitudes of students, teachers, and parents regarding COVID-19 screening tests conducted in school. Arch Balk Med Union. 2022;57(3):244-249.