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Basics on Frey’s syndrome – short review –


Frey’s syndrome (auriculotemporal syndrome or gustatory sweating) is a dysfunction of the auriculotemporal nerve, characterized by face flushing warmth and sweating in the nerve territory. The complaints appear during meals especially with food that stimulate salivary secretion, lasting for a few minutes. The objective of this review is to acquaint fellow practitioners with Frey’s syndrome and to summarize the most significant data for diagnosis and treatment options of this pathology. We accessed electronic databases like PubMed, Scopus (Elsevier), Web of Science for research on gustatory sweating and related themes; clinical trials, specialty books and meta-analysis reports for recommendations on Frey’s syndrome. Frey’s syndrome is generally a complication of parotid gland surgery, but it has also been mentioned in childhood. Its usual cause is the damage of the auriculotemporal nerve during parotid gland surgery, followed by aberrant regeneration of parasympathetic fibers cut, and can be easily diagnosed using Minor’s iodine–starch test. Although different types of preventive and curative treatments have been used, with various outcomes, medical and surgical treatment strategies are still the subject of debates. The use of superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) flap for prevention and intracutaneous injection of botulinum toxin for the cure of Frey’s syndrome seems to be the best treatment option.
Keywords: Frey’s syndrome, gustatory sweating.

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