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Bleeding disorders in acute kidney injury patients depending on the condition’s stage


Among other complications, hemorrhagic disorders occur frequently during the evolution of acute kidney injury lesions. We analyzed two groups of patients with acute kidney injury caused by various factors (sepsis, trauma, surgery, etc.): one group of patients with RIFLE stage III acute kidney injury treated by hemodialysis and another group of patients with mild acute kidney injury (RIFLE stage I and II) that received medical treatment, without hemodialysis. We noticed the fact that most bleeding disorders (over 50% of all cases) occurred in the hemodialysis group, compared with an 8.5% rate found in the second group. The clinical aspects of bleeding disorders were various (gastrointestinal bleeding, airway bleeding, epistaxis, hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, meningo-cerebral bleeding and hematoma). Severe hemorrhagic disorders (gastrointestinal bleeding, hematomas) altered the patient’s outcome and prognosis, increasing the protein catabolism. The condition’s therapy was complex and difficult.

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