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Ceftriaxone associated acute cholecystitis


Ceftriaxone is a widely used third generation cephalosporin that has an antimicrobial activity against many gram-positive and gramnegative microorganisms. Long plasma half-life, good tissue penetration characteristics and broad-spectrum coverage makes it advantageous in many indications for both children and adults.
Although it is generally well tolerated it has a known effect to induce reversible precipitates of ceftriaxone calcium stones and or sludge in the biliary system. This kind of biliary pseudolithiasis can be symptomatic and severe cases were previously reported requiring surgical intervention. In this report we present a 36 yearold female patient who was referred to our clinic from another institution after being operated for acute appendicitis.
The patient was followed conservatively with medical treatment without any surgical intervention with complete recovery. As this pathology is reversible early surgical intervention should be avoided.

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