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Clinico‑morphological aspects and new immunohistochemistry characteristics of ovarian high‑grade serous carcinoma



Introduction. High‑grade serous carcinoma of the ovary is an aggressive form of cancer, with unknown precursor lesions and often delayed diagnosis because of non‑specific, mild symptoms.

Objective. We performed a clinical‑pathological study of ovarian high‑grade serous carcinomas, in order to evaluate morphological and new immunohistochemistry characteristics of this malignancy.

Methods. This is a retrospective study of 10 cases of ovarian high‑grade serous carcinoma. We evaluated patients’ age, symptoms at presentation, macroscopic aspects, bilateral involvement, microscopic features: papillary/solid areas, mitotic index, psammoma bodies, tumoral extension, lymph node metastasis, immunohistochemistry markers: CD44, ER, AR, Ki67 index.

Results. Mean age was 56.9 years old. Tumors were bilateral in 50% of cases. Only 30% were limited to the ovary. Maximum tumor diameter was 16 cm. Solid component in a proportion of 50‑95% was more characteristic. Most tumors had a mitotic index of 30‑50 mitosis/10HPF (70% of cases). 20% of cases contained psammoma bodies. 2 cases out of 7 had lymph node metastasis. We noticed one case with pleural metastasis (M1). We observed AR<10% was characteristic of 90% of tumors. Ki67 index >80% was noticed in 30% of cases. CD44 was positive in 50% of cases and one case had diffuse positivity of CD44 in corpus luteum cells near the tumoral bed.

Conclusions. The majority of patients with ovarian high‑grade serous carcinomas presented with extraovarian extension and were characterized by high mitotic index, rare presence of psammoma bodies, AR expression <10%, novel marker CD44 positive in 50% of cases and curious positivity in corpus luteum cells associated with the tumor.

Keywords: high‑grade serous carcinoma, CD44, corpus luteum cells.

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Popa M, Birceanu Corobea A, Cirstoiu M, Munteanu O, Nica AE, Costache M, Sajin M. Clinico-morphological aspects and new immunohistochemistry characteristics of ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma. Arch Balk Med Union 2018; 53(3):330-335. DOI 10.31688/ABMU.2018.53.3.03