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Congenital disorders of the thorax in children, adolescents and adults


Background: We retrospectively studied a group of patients, admitted in the “Marie Curie” Emergency Pediatrics Hospital of Bucharest, in a period of 9 years, in order to evaluate the diagnostic steps, surgical treatment options and their viability as well as to have an over-all view upon a group of disorders that still are of unknown origin.

Methods: 39 patients were included in our study, ages from 0 to 24 years, diagnosed with different types of chest malformations, of which the majority had pectus excavatum; along with their imaging tests, course of treatment and information regarding their recovery with an average of 13.49 days of hospitalization.

Results: Out of the 39 patients, 25 had pectus excavatum, 31 were males and the majority had no symptoms. The course of action consisted mainly of surgery, Nuss technique as operation of choice, with a few reinterventions noted.

Conclusions: Most of the patient seek medical care for other reasons than the symptoms, as most of them have none. Our surgical management proved to be efficient and with small complication rate and supports the idea of minimally invasive treatment as best option. Abreaviations: PE – pectus excavatum, PC – pectus carinatum

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