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Dynamics of some enzyme immunoassay parameters in ischemic stroke in children



Introduction. Ischemic stroke (IS) is a rare, but underestimated disease in children. The incidence of IS is  2–13:100000 children or 1:4000 in neonatal period.

The objective of the study was the evaluation of the expressivity of immune parameters in children with IS, to improve understanding of pathogenesis, early diagnosis and predictive factors of the disease.

Materials and methods. We performed a prospective study between 2017−2019 in the Republic of Moldova, on a sample of 53 children with IS (study sample, SS), investigated by ELISA in the acute phase, determining the serum levels of S100B protein, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF). These markers were also appreciated in 53 “practically healthy” children (control sample, CS). Six months after IS, serum levels of VEGF and S100B were re-assessed.

Results. The mean values of markers in the acute phase were as follows: (1) S100B  0.524±0.0850 ng/mL (Fisher’s test 9.330, p<0.01); (2) VEGF 613.41±39.299 pg/mL (Fisher’s test 60.701, p<0.001); (3) CNTF 7.84±0.322 pg/mL (Fisher’s test 32.550, p<0.001), which were significantly different from the levels in CS.

Conclusions. In the acute period of IS we observed a significant increase of values of certain markers (S100B, VEGF and CNTF), which determine their role as biomarkers involved in ischemic brain processes. It is necessary to carry out new longitudinal studies in children with IS to improve the diagnosis and treatment.

Keywords: biomarkers, ischemic stroke, children.

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Sprincean M, Hadjiu S, Calcii C, Lupusor N, Crivceanscaia E, Groppa S, Revenco N. Dynamics of some enzyme immunoassay parameters in ischemic stroke in children. Arch Balk Med Union. 2020;55(4):548-563.