ISSN ONLINE: 2558-815X
ISSN PRINT: 1584-9244
ISSN-L: 1584-9244

Effect of Face-to-Face vs Virtual Reality Training on CPR Quality


JAMA Cardiol; 2019 Nov 17; EPub Ahead of Print; J Nas, J Thannhauser, P Vart, et al

Virtual reality (VR) training may help to make cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training more accessible and increase the use of bystander CPR. This prospective noninferiority trial compared CPR quality (assessed using CPR manikins) after two standardized 20-minute training protocols on CPR and external defibrillator use, one led by an instructor and the other using a smartphone app (the VR group). All training occurred at a single event attended by 381 participants. Compared with face-to-face instruction, training using the app was inferior for chest compression depth but was noninferior for chest compression rate. Overall CPR performance scores were significantly lower in the VR group compared with the face-to-face groups. This study found that VR training was inferior for some aspects of CPR quality, suggesting that further study is needed to improve VR CPR training.


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