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Female sex, early-onset hypertension and risk of dementia


A study, “Female sex, early-onset hypertension and risk of dementia”, published in Neurology in October 2017 by Paola Gilsanz et al has found that the risk of dementia is higher in middle-age hypertensive women than in men. The study evaluated 5,646 hypertensive patients. Hypertension in patients 30s was not a risk factor for dementia, both in men and women. However, hypertensive women in their 40s had a higher risk for dementia later in life, with a 73% increased risk compared with normotensive women. The authors did not find such association for men. The study strenghtens the severe damaging effects of hypertension on the brain, also in relatively young women, who were traditionally considered to be protected in the reproductive stages of life. There is a need for a careful treatment of hypertension in middle age women, in order to prevent dementia.


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