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Hemoglobin as a predictor of fatty liver disease


Introduction. More than a quarter of the global population suffers from fatty liver disease (FLD).
Noninvasive tests are beneficial in predicting this disease. The objective of the study was to evaluate the association between hemoglobin level and FLD.
Materials and methods. A total of 680 patients with FLD, diagnosed by ultrasound, were included in the study, and 96 patients represented a control group. All subjects were classified into 4 quartiles by their hemoglobin concentrations: HbQ1: Hb < 132 g/L; HbQ2: 132–141 g/L; HbQ3: 142–153 g/L; HbQ4: ≥ 154 g/L. We used a noninvasive diagnostic index, such as fatty liver index (FLI), to define FLD.
Results. The patients with hepatic steatosis had significantly higher hemoglobin levels than controls (143.67±15.33 g/L vs. 137.97±12.82 g/L; p <0.01). The tendency to increase the alanine aminotransferase in patients with a higher level of Hb was identified by comparing HbQ1 and HbQ4: 54.30±52.68 vs. 69.10±54.27, p < 0.001. The cholestatic syndrome expressed the exact same trend, with significantly higher values in HbQ4 (gamma glutamyl transferase: 58.08-80.93 vs. 78.78±131.36; p < 0.001, HbQ1 and HbQ4 respectively). Patients with higher Hb levels had a higher FLI score and a higher rate of FLD (median FLI 81.22±27.03 vs 87.71±16.67, p< 0.001; the rate of FLD (FLI ≥ 60): 72.3% vs 91.5%, p< 0.001; HbQ1 and HbQ4, respectively).
Conclusions. Our study has found an association between the hemoglobin level and FLD. Thes results may encourage screening for FLD in patients with higher hemoglobin levels.
Keywords: hepatic steatosis, noninvasive test, hemoglobin level.

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Peltec AI, Toaca II, Berliba EF, Tcaciuc EM. Hemoglobin as a predictor of fatty liver disease. Arch Balk Med Union. 2023;58(1):33-41.