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Hereditary thrombophilia – Risk factorfor obstetric complications


Hereditary thrombophilias are abnormalities associated with a predisposition to thrombotic events, depending on the type of thrombophilia or on the presence of exogenous factors increasing the thrombotic risk. Their detection has become an important diagnosis and treatment issue due to laboratory techniques breakthroughs.
Hereditary thrombophilia enhances the hypercoagulation trend due to the genetic abnormalities that induce coagulation- fibrinolysis system dysfunction by natural anticoagulants (Protein C, Protein S, Antithrombin III) deficiencies.
A significant clinical sign of the thrombophilic status is the occurrence of recurrent miscarriages, and also the occurrence of other pregnancy- related complications such as preeclampsia or premature birth. Knowing the hemostatic and genetic abnormalities of this category of patients provides the theoretical grounds required to improve hereditary thrombophilia management, which conduct should aim at a fast accurate diagnosis setting and to the establishment of appropriate treatment.

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