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Lasik – A corneal evaluation through biomechanics


Refractive surgery, elective ophthalmological intervention as an alternative to optical correction and performed on healthy eyes with good visual acuity, requires a special strictness and a proper assessment in each case. Corneal biomechanics studies the physiological phenomenon of the cornea in terms of the laws of mechanics and can be an indicator of the predictability of post refractive surgery.
The purpose of our study is to evaluate the range of changes in time of the biomechanical properties post laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) corneas evaluated by corneal hysteresis (CH) and the corneal resistance factor (CRF) using the ocular response analyzer (ORA) – Reichert Corporation, Depew, New York, USA.

Material and Method: The present study is retrospective. A number of 28 patients (50 eyes) with different grades of myopia and or myopic astigmatism were evaluated through 2 ophthalmological examinations (before and after LASIK procedure – at 6 months interval) at a private clinic in Bucharest for a period of 2 years.

Conclusion: All the patients who underwent refractive surgery (LASIK) were found to have dreeasing values of the corneal biomechanical parameters (CH and CRF) after the procedure.

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