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Multiple malignancies: One patient


Background: Oncological patients are always at risk of developing a second or third malignant neoplasm, due to multiple risk factors. The management of each malignancy is sometimes difficult because of the immunological and nutritional status of the patient as well as the interactions between treatment protocols. Case presentation: We present the case of patient M.I., who was admitted to our clinic in June 2015 with a left preauricular epithelial lesion, referred by a dermatologist who diagnosed him with basal cell carcinoma. The patient was also diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2013 and was operated in our clinic during that same year when we performed total laryngectomy with bilateral cervical lymph node dissection. After careful and extensive investigations (including panendoscopy and CT-scan), the diagnosis was: left preauricular basal cell carcinoma in a patient with total laryngectomy and bilateral lymph node dissection, and also hard palate ulceration with soft margins which communicates with the floor of the left nasal cavity. Surgery was planned for and performed: total excision of the basal cell carcinoma with safety margins followed by reconstruction of the defect using a free skin flap harvested from the left arm. Multiple biopsies of the margins of the hard palate ulceration were also performed. Conclusions and Discussion: Smoking and sun exposure were the prominent risk factors for malignancy in this case, therefore the association of an upper respiratory malignancy (here laryngeal cancer) with a facial skin cancer was understandable. The curiosity in this case was that both appeared in relative short period of time

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