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Multiple sclerosis and quality of life


Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a socially significant disease that is widely spread among young people in active and productive age. The disease is related to the development of severe disability that is an important medical and economic issue resulting in deterioration of life quality. Materials and methods: This article analyzes the impact of MS on patients’ health and the degree of restriction of their daily activities. A questionnaire survey was held among 168 patients with MS diagnosis.

Results: The results show that the active operations such as running, weightlifting that are included in the energetic sports 22% are the most restricted ones, followed by walking more than one kilometer 14,3% and lifting or carrying purchases 9,5% .

Conclusion: Quality of life should be the primary step when evaluating a patient’s care and the main objective of MS management. One of the important approaches in this aspect is to achieve effective self-management through improved awareness

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