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Obstetricians agree with legalizing the C-section


Introduction: During the last few years the c-section has gained a lot of popularity in Romania but also in Europe gaining more and more support and popularity both among obstetricians and patients, and becoming the preferred method of birth. These occurrences along with social emancipation and gradual modernization of obstetrical conceptions have led to the emergence of a new concept of elective c-section on patient’s request. Being concerned with maintaining high standards of medical care and respecting the rights and dignity of our patients, the group of publishers has decided to clarify the reasons for the need of legalizing elective c-section.

Methods: As we stated in a previously published article in this journal, we developed an anonymous questionnaire regarding elective c-section answered by our peers (15 questions – type B questionnaire a total of 108 respondents from 4 Maternities in our country). The questionnaire was filled in by all obstetricians regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, professional rank, obstetrical experience religious beliefs.

Results: As it was expected, more than 85% of the interviewees responded with YES to the question addressing the legalization of c-section on patient’s request; also over 80% of obstetricians interviewed consider caesarean section as the safest method of birth and for this reason they would recommend it to their daughters.

Conclusions: These results lead us to believe that modern obstetrics cannot exist without the concept of informed choice about the way of delivery (after being carefully and fully informed by the obstetrician). It is also a fundamental right of the patient and of the obstetrician of the 3rd millennium. The results obtained are also arguments that have let the publishers to take the steps forward necessary to legalizing the elective c-section.

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