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Original research and challenging cases


This issue of the journal opens with an original study of a team from the Medical Faculty, Skopje, FYR Macedonia. Galina Severova et al have studied the impact of de novo HLA antibodies on graft function in 50 patients with kidney transplantation, 12 months after the transplant. The authors have found that de novo donor specific and non-donor specific antibodies produce graft injuries, so the regular follow up of HLA antibodies, together with systematic protocol graft biopsy, could be essential for further therapeutic interventions. In an article titled „Protective effect of probiotics on the healing of colon anastomosis after ischemia and reperfusion injury in rats“, Necdet Özçay et al (TRN Cyprus) investigated the effect of probiotics on the intestinal anastomosis healing process in rats. They concluded that probiotics have some beneficial effect to impaired anastomotic healing process, without any side effects on the colon, therefore they might be considered as a supportive treatment in patients with intestinal transplantation. Dan N. Paduraru et al, from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila“, Romania, analyzed the physiological, psychological and oncological impact of surgical intervention in patients diagnosed with rectal cancer. The study took place in the University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest and included 92 patients. In these patients, the distance from the anastomosis level to the pectinate line, side-to-end anastomosis, the impossibility to identify the nerves, and the occurrence of anastomotic fistula have been identified as predictor factors for the occurrence of major low anterior resection syndrome during post-surgery evolution.

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