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Particular diagnostic aspects in inflammatory thyroid pathology – Mini review



Inflammatory lesions of the thyroid gland may be described morphologically as generalised hypertrophy of the tissue (simple, diffuse goiter) or as localised hypertrophy (nodular goiter). Functionally, thyroid dysfunction can manifest as hyper or hypothyroidism. Generally, inflammatory thyroid conditions are accurately diagnosed using specific methods. Thyroid diseases are some of the most common endocrine disorders, predominantly encountered in females. Their aetiology is not fully elucidated, but acute thyroiditis is generally infectious, while chronic forms are autoimmune. Although most clinical entities evolve to full resolution of symptoms, there are also forms that may lead to the occurrence of complications or malignant degeneration in the absence of a correct and fully-established treatment.

Keywords: thyroiditis, functional diagnosis, serologic testing.

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