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Particular types of non-age related sarcopenia: Osteosarcopenic obesity and malignancy – Associated muscle waste (A mini-review)


Introduction: Sarcopenia, a typically geriatric concept of muscle deterioration, has now extended to other populations as obese people or oncologic patients. We aim to introduce general context related to these particular types of muscle waste.

Material and Methods: This is a narrative mini-review. The data from literature were focused on English language articles published on PubMed within the last four years (more than 50% of all materials are from 2016). A selection of 40 manuscripts has been done. General data: Despite appearances that subjects with high body mass index do not have osteoporosis they actually associate anomalies of both function and volume regarding the muscularskeletal system (osteosarcopenic obesity). The risk is elevated if other risk factors are involved as reduced physical activity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypovitaminosis D, and menopausal lack of estrogens. Patients with a current malignancy may associate sarcopenia and this aggravates the prognosis, independently of oncologic condition itself.

Conclusion: Obesity- and cancer- related sarcopenia are new emerging topics of a multidisciplinary field. Both are connected with a poor outcome though there is an ongoing need for clarifying many issues as criteria of definition, interventional thresholds, etc.

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