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Plastic restoration of a facial defect after surgical removal of a large malignant melanoma


Introduction. Melanomas are the most aggressive skin carcinomas and a major cause of premature death from cancer. The risk factors for melanomas are UV rays, personal or family history of melanoma, large numbers of naevi, fair complexion, immunodeficiency, solar-damaged skin, etc. The scars from malignant melanoma on the face are serious challenge for the surgeons, so the successful plastic reconstruction of skin defects is very important for the normal life of the patient after surgery.
Case presentation. A 82-year-old patient with a large malignant melanoma of the left cheek was admitted to the Clinic of Maxillo-facial Surgery, University Hospital “St. George”, Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, for treatment. The preoperative examination revealed the presence of a sloping heterogonic tumour, with axial dimensions of 55/28 mm, penetrating and engaging the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, levator oris and muscular orbicularis oris. Surgery was performed, under general anaesthesia. The tumour was removed, and the defect was repaired using several skin flaps, to use the adjacent tissues. The final outcome was favourable and the surgery was functionally successful.
Conclusions. This case highlights the importance of an accurate diagnosis of malignant melanoma, that is essential for an adequate management and follow-up, considering its potentially aggressive behaviour.
Keywords: naevus, skin cancer, malignant melanoma.

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Tsolov RB. Plastic restoration of a facial defect after surgical removal of a large malignant melanoma. Arch Balk Med Union. 2022;57(3):316-320.