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Point prevalence among employees engaged in engineering companies


Background: An international company for production of bearings opens its own base in Bulgaria in 2002. The aim of this study is to analyze the morbidity among employees in this industry. Materials and methods: the momentary morbidity of 1361 employees in Bearings Bulgaria Ltd has been studied. The primary information was collected from periodic medical examination charts in accordance with Regulation No 3 1987. The analysis was carried out in 2011 in conformity with the following criteria: age, total length of service and length of employment in the Company.

Results: total number of registered cases – 1094 among 636 employees. The age structure shows that the highest share of diseased employees has been observed above 55 years of age – 79.9% and the lowest – in the group up to 25 years of age – 8.19%. Of highest frequency in accordance with nosological structure within the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (10th revision) are: Diseases of the circulatory system – 31,44%, followed by Diseases of the eye and adnexa -22,94%, Diseases of the ear and mastoid process – 18,28%, Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue – 11,97%. Conclusion: 1. Aggravation of pathological damage has been determined with age increase among employees at the studied company. 2. The morbidity research is an obligation of the operating Occupational Health Service which presents respective data to the Regional health inspection on annual basis. 3. There is no uniform national information system for monitoring the health status of employees as a whole and in separate sectors.

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