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Posture optimization – is it the key to myofascial neck pain relief?



Introduction. In recent years, the incidence of chronic cervical pain, as the result of degenerative processes, increased among younger people. Studies show a close relationship between cervical pain and sedentarism, as well as occupational risk factors. Throughout life, intervertebral discs are prone to a physiological wear-out process; in the degenerative discopathy, the wear is accelerated, even when it comes to young people, due to the increasingly frequent postural alterations.

Objectives. To demonstrate a direct link between the postural system receptors disruption and the degenerative disc pathology, as well as the importance of postural rehabilitation strategies and specific manual therapy in the clinical-functional and therapeutic approach of degenerative cervical discopathies with a painful component.

Methods. 174 patients divided into two groups undergone specific assessment tests. The study group followed a personalized therapeutic program (manual therapy, postural re-education), while the control group benefited exclusively from the standard therapeutic program, according to the medical prescription.

Results. The data confirm the increased incidence of cervical algic syndromes of myofascial origin among the young population and its close relationship to postural syndromes and CCM biomechanical changes identified in the patients included in the study. This study also highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary approach of the patient with myofascial cervical pain.

Conclusions. A significant and long lasting improvement in postural balance results in an obvious improvement in cervical algic syndromes and in slowing the evolution of the cervical disc degeneration process.

Keywords: cranio-cervical-mandibular complex, postural deficiency syndrome, myofascial neck pain, sedentarism, manual therapy.

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Pop MS, Mihancea P, Debucean D. Posture optimization – is it the key to myofascial neck pain relief? Arch Balk Med Union 2018;53(4): 573-579. DOI 10.31688/ABMU.2018.53.4.14