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Rapid detection of carbapenemases and ESKAPEEc bacteria


Introduction. Carbapenems have been the ultimate antibiotics for the treatment of infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria. However, recently, carbapenems-resistant bacteria have emerged significantly.
The objective of the study was the identification of pathogenic strains of ESKAPEEc bacteria and rapid detection of carbapenemase production.
Materials and methods. We tried a novel rapid test methodology that detects some carbohydrates metabolization associated with bacterial growth in the presence of imipenem. The formation of acid metabolites is evidenced by a color change of a pH indicator.
Results. Carbapenemase production is phenotypically demonstrated in carbapenem-resistant bacterial strains. In the study, carbapenemase production was detected within 3 hours, and identification of ESKAPEc bacteria was completed within 4 hours by carbohydrate metabolism.
Conclusions. This cost-effective technique may provide a practical solution for the determination of multi-drug resistance by using the fermentation metabolism in bacteria.
Keywords: ESKAPEEc, Enterobacteriaceae, carbapenemase, β-lactamase, antimicrobial drug resistance.

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Aydoğan O, KöksaL Çakirlar F. Rapid detection of carbapenemases and ESKAPEEc bacteria. Arch Balk Med Union. 2021;56(2):142-149.