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Relationship between anemia and spontaneous preterm birth


Aim: An analytical retrospective and prospective study to compare the effect of lower hemoglobin (iron anemia, lower ferritin) in the blood serum of pregnant women during pregnancy in the incidence of preterm labor when patients treatment with iron and comparison with pregnant women with normal ratios of iron and ferritin.

Methods: Pregnant women with single fetus under surveillance before and during research period form 3 5 2012 to 5 6 2014 and cases included 586 cases in King Salman Hospital. Cases were distributed as follows: pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia and without treatment, pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia and with iron treatment before week 30th, pregnant women having normal blood.

Results: It was observed that the lower the hemoglobin in pregnant women the greater percentage of preterm labor, where the incidence of early labor 9% when the hemoglobin blood is 9-7 mg dl. While early labor ratio rose to 15 % when the hemoglobin blood is 7-4 mg dl. This percentage dropped when pregnant women taked iron.

Conclusions: Should be given preventive doses of iron for pregnant women to avoid iron anemia, and prompt treatment for any anemia to reduce complications to a minimum.

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