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Remote results of hemithyroidectomy and their prognostication in patients with unilateral nodular goiter combined with autoimmune thyroiditis


Background. As a result of the histological examination of the removed thyroid tissue, autoimmune thyroiditis has been diagnosed in 10.4% of patients. During the surgical treatment and while choosing the surgery volume, the pathogenetic mechanisms of the onset and progression of autoimmune processes in the thyroid tissue are not taken into account.
Materials and methods. The immunohistochemical study was carried out using monoclonal antibodies against Ki67, Fas, FasL, Bcl-2, and P53 anti-genes on a puncture material of the thyroid glands obtained from 80 patients with a histologically verified diagnosis of nodular goiter combined with autoimmune thyroiditis.
Results. The results of the study showed high proliferative activity of the lymphoid tissue, moderate proliferative activity of thyrocytes in the area of lymphoid infiltration which was low outside of it and which was taken into account when determining the volume of surgical intervention.
Conclusions. The results of the study have shown that thyroidectomy is a pathogenetically grounded operation in the case of unilateral nodular goiter combined with autoimmune thyroiditis with pronounced proliferative activity of the thyroid tissue in contralateral lobe.
Key words: nodular goiter combined with autoimmune thyroiditis, needle biopsy, apoptosis, proliferation, volume of surgery.
Abbreviations: NGAIT – nodular goiter with autoimmune thyroiditis, AIT- autoimmune thyroiditis, TG – thyroid gland, PCD – preoperative cytological diagnosis.

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