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Retroperitoneal hematoma with sigmoid necrosis after anticoagulant treatment for deep venous thrombosis in a patient with surgically treated cervical cancer


Sigmoid necrosis due to ischemic colitis induced by the presence of retroperitoneal hematoma is a rare situation, especially due to the presence of the particular vascularization of this intestinal segment, characterized by the presence of the collateral blood supply. However, in a small number of cases, sigmoid necrosis might develop. We present the case of a 56-year-old patient who has been initially submitted to surgery for pre-irradiated stage IIB cervical cancer. Postoperatively, the patient developed a deep venous thrombosis which necessitated administration of low molecular weight anticoagulants. Two weeks later the patient presented in emergency for diffuse abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. She was diagnosed with a retroperitoneal hematoma and sigmoid necrosis, so a sigmoidectomy with colo-rectal anastomosis was performed.

Keywords: retroperitoneal hematoma, sigmoid necrosis, anticoagulant treatment, deep venous thrombosis, cervical cancer

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