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Spontaneous rectal discharge of a retained surgical pad


Introduction. Postoperative foreign body retention is a well-known and rare complication of all types of surgical interventions. The clinical presentation of a patient with an abdominal retained foreign body is generally as an infectious syndrome, such as intraabdominal sepsis, peritonitis, abscess formation, intestinal perforation or obstruction. However, these foreign bodies may remain dormant for years or may generate vague symptoms. Contained rupture and spontaneous passage through a hollow organ and subsequent rectal expulsion are very rare outcomes.
Case presentation. We present the case of a 23 years-old female patient previously operated who had a spontaneous rectal expulsion about two months after the operation, with no need for any further operative intervention.
Conclusions. The spontaneous expulsion of a postoperative foreign body is a very rare but possible situation. This is a very serious medicolegal problem and many safe operating room practices are implemented to minimize the occurrence of this complication, defined as gossypiboma or textiloma, as the most common foreign body retained is a surgical sponge.
Keywords: foreign bodies, gossypiboma, surgical sponges.

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Besim H. Spontaneous rectal discharge of a retained surgical pad. Arch Balk Med Union. 2021;56(2):253-256.