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Strange relationship between cancer and hemophilia


The relationship between cancer and hemostasis, even old, is not sufficiently studied. Intestinal metastases from a lung cancer are rare, mostly found in the advanced stages of the disease. We report the case of a 38 yo man, nonsmoker, with hemophilia A, who presented for cough and hemoptysis since one month. During the last 3 days, the patient had also pain in the hypogastrium. The CT scan diagnosed a left endobronchial tumor. The histopathological exam established the diagnosis of squamous cell lung carcinoma G3. Two months later, he presented again with acute peritonitis and intestinal obstruction. The emergency surgical intervention showed a distal ileum tumoral stenosis. The final diagnosis was: a poorly differentiated left bronchopulmonary adenocarcinoma with peritoneal and terminal ileum metastases, complicated with bowel obstruction and acute peritonitis, in a patient with hemophilia A.

Key words: endobronchial tumor, intestinal metastases, peritonitis.

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Dr. Camelia Diaconu, FACC, FESC, FACP, FEFIM
University of Medicine „Carol Davila“, Internal Medicine Clinic, Clinical Emergency
Hospital of Bucharest
Romania, 8 Calea Floreasca, 1st district, Bucharest, 014461
Phone: 0040 726 377 300


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