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Stress in glaucoma, from theory to practice


Introduction. Glaucoma is a bilateral progressive hereditary optic neuropathy which determines the slow and irreversible destruction of the optic nerve fibres.
Cases presentation. We present two cases of primitive open-angle glaucoma developed following sustained stress. In both cases, the cause of glaucoma was the depressive disorder. Once glaucoma is installed, therapy will be continued long-life, to prevent irreversible vision damage and thus to increase the quality of life of these patients.
Conclusions. Glaucoma, as a disease with blinding potential, determines an additional stress, besides the preexisting stress, which itself is the triggering cause of the disease. The relationship between stress and increased intraocular pressure is known into practice, but it is still insufficiently researched. The relationship between elevated intraocular pressure and worsening glaucoma during the life of these patients is known, and the existence of stress leads to increased intraocular pressure. This cascade of side effects of stress leads to the aggravation of glaucomatous disease.
Keywords: primitive open-angle glaucoma, depression, intraocular pressure.

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Constantin FS, Constantin AE, Radu BM. Stress in glaucoma, from theory to practice. Arch Balk Med Union. 2021;56(1):121-129.