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Study of cell death and stages of leukocytes apoptosis in pulmonary tuberculosis patients with different antimycobacterial treatments



The aim of the study was to evaluate the condition of cytoplasmic membranes of leukocytes and to study their viability, to determine the varieties and stages of cell death of leukocytes in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis treated by different schemes of antimycobacterial treatment.

Materials and methods. The study was performed on 30 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis: the 1st group – 12 patients treated by standard regimen with 1st line drugs; the 2nd  group treated by individual regimen with 1st and 2nd line drugs.

Results. The analysis of cytoplasmic membranes of leukocytes in the blood of patients from the 1st  and the 2nd group showed that the proportion of live intact cells was 71.05±3.66%, that is lower by 20.75 % from the results of control group. In the 2nd group, the proportion of alive cells was lower by 12.9% than in the 1st group (р<0.05). In the same time, the proportion of leukocytes on the late of apoptosis/necrosis, that have deep damages of cell structure, was more than 10% higher than in the 1st group (р<0.05).

Conclusions. A significant difference between the groups of patients in the proportion of absolutely alive leukocytes and cells on the late stage of apoptosis/necrosis can be a proof of higher activation of apoptosis process by individual treatment regimen that included 1st and 2nd  line-drugs, compared with standard 1st line regimen. The obtained data allow us to recommend the study of influence of different anti-tuberculous drugs and regimens on apoptosis process of immune-competent cells, to evaluate the efficacy of pulmonary tuberculosis treatment.

Keywords: tuberculosis, apoptosis, Annexin V, flow cytometry.

List of abbreviations

AMBT – antimycobacterial treatment

CD – Cluster of Differentiation /CD antigens

DNA – deoxyribonucleic acid

EDTA – ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid

IP – intensive phase

MTB – Mycobacterium tuberculosis

PS – phosphatidylserine

TB – tuberculosis

7AAD – 7-aminoactinomycin

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Corresponding author:
Higher State Educational Establishment „Bukovinian State Medical University“, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Address: 2, Theatralna sq., Chernivtsi – 58002, Ukraine
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Shevchenko OS, Nakonechna OA, Todoriko LD, Hovardovska OO, Pohorielova OO, Volf SB, Pidverbetska OV, Makoyda IY, Slyvka VI. Study of cell death and stages of leukocytes apoptosis in pulmonary tuberculosis patients with different antimycobacterial treatments. Arch Balk Med Union. 2019;53(4):692-698.