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The influence of dietary interventions on paraclinical parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome



Introduction. Patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) frequently present alterations of paraclinical tests. The effectiveness of dietary intervention has been intensively studied in the last decade.

The objective of the study. This research studied the correlation of uric acid with the evolution of paraclinical parameters (HOMA index, cholesterol, triglycerides and C-reactive protein) in patients with MS, following the evolution of specific imbalances in MS, after an anti-inflammatory diet, associated or not with sport.

Materials and methods. The monitoring of the parameters was performed over a period of 12 months, on a number of 110 patients, aged> 18 years, with HOMA index> 2, divided into three groups: control group, diet therapy group, and diet therapy and sports group, respectively.

Results. Following the statistical processing, the correlation of the paraclinical parameters indicates the following: uric acid and cholesterol – Pearson coefficient r=0.192, p <0.05; uric acid and triglycerides – r=0.544, p <0.001; uric acid and C-reactive protein – r=0.443, p <0.001; HOMA index and uric acid  – r=0.223, p <0.05.

Conclusions.  The results of this study indicate that after dietary interventions combined with physical activity, the metabolic imbalances were reduced in patients with MS. At the same time, the evolution of paraclinical parameters, in the control group, indicates an evolution of the disease in the absence of nutritional intervention. The correlation of paraclinical parameters indicated a strongly positive and directly proportional link.

Keywords: HOMA index, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, C-reactive protein, metabolic syndrome.

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Ghitea TC, Corb Aron RA, Lazar L, Bungau S. The influence of dietary interventions on paraclinical parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome. Arch Balk Med Union. 2020;55(4):592-600.