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Thyroid autoimmunity has no negative impact on insulin dynamics in prediabetic patients with normal thyroid function



Introduction. The association of autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) with diabetes mellitus type-1 (DM1) has been previously documented. However, limited data exist regarding the association of AITD and diabetes mellitus type-2 (DM2).

The objective of the study was to expose the role of AITD on DM2 and the impact of AITD in euthyroid patients with pre-diabetes. Euthyroid prediabetic patients were defined by impaired fasting glucose and/or glucose intolerance.

Material and methods. We assessed static and dynamic insulin resistance (IRI) and insulin secretion indices (ISI), and the disposition index (DI).

Results. Out of 166 patients studied, 31.9% had AITD; impaired fasting glucose (IFG) prevalence was the same with non-AITD patients. In contrast, impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) was less prevalent in AITD compared to non-AITD patients (9.4% versus 28.3%, p=0.008). IRI did not differ between the two groups. The dynamic ISI, 1st phase and 2nd phase insulin release, and the DI showed a worse insulin secretion in non-AITD compared to AITD patients (0.54 versus 0.45, p=0.029; 1029.3 versus 864.3, p=0.033; 354.8 versus 286.5, p=0.035; 0.09 versus 0.07, p=0.02, respectively). On the other hand, hsCRP was higher in AITD versus non-AITD individuals (p=0.008).

Conclusions. Although individuals with pre-diabetes and AITD presented with higher levels of low-grade inflammation, their dynamic ISI and the DI, were less impaired.

Keywords: insulin resistance indices, QUICKI, HOMA, disposition index, glucose-to-insulin ratio.

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Alexandraki KI, Boutzios G, Antonopoulou I, Papaioannou TG, Bartsioka LI, Moschouris P, Karapanagioti A, Mavroeidi V, Makrilakis K, Duntas L, Kaltsas GA, Liatis S. Thyroid autoimmunity has no negative impact on insulin dynamics in pre-diabetic patients with normal thyroid function. Arch Balk Med Union. 2020;55(2):215-223.