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Value of sentinel node biopsy in anal cancer patients



Anal cancer is a rare digestive malignancy with high propensity to spread via lymphatic route, leading to the apparition of metastases at the level of superficial inguinal and perirectal stations. However, prophylactic irradiation of all these fields is not recommended due to the inacceptable high risks of complications when compared to the rates of metastases. Therefore, sentinel lymph node biopsy has been routinely associated in order to determine which cases present lymphatic metastases and could benefit most after irradiation. This is a literature review of the largest studies conducted on the subject of sentinel lymph node biopsy in anal cancer patients.

Keywords: anal cancer, sentinel node biopsy, metastasis, irradiation.

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Bacalbasa N, Balescu I, Balalau C, Vilcu M,  Brezean I. Value of sentinel node biopsy in anal cancer patients. Arch Balk Med Union. 2019;54(3):581-584