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Drug therapy in autoimmune thyroiditis



Background. Autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) is one of the unsolved problems of modern endocrinology, the etiology and pathogenesis being still insufficiently known.

Objectives. To study the effects of substitution, antioxidant and lymph-drainage ther­apy on the structure and function of the thyroid gland in patients with AIT and hypothyroidism.

Methods. We have identified 2 groups of patients with AIT and subclinical hypothyroid­ism. The first group – control group – included 20 patients who received substitution therapy with thyroxine. The second group included 33 patients who received a comprehensive treatment with thyroxine, alpha lipoic acid and Lymphomyosot.

Results. The use of substitution therapy with thyroxine and the proposed an­tioxidant and lymph drainage therapy in patients with AIT led to the improve­ment of the structure of the gland, reduced the activity of peroxide oxidation pro­cesses and the activity of pro-inflammatory cytokines, increased the level of anti­oxidant defense enzymes, normalized the number of aniline-positive lymphocytes, improved the lymphatic drainage function of the gland. Our results sustain the effectiveness of the proposed method of complex treatment in patients with autoimmune thy­roiditis.

Keywords: autoimmune thyroiditis, antioxidant, lymph-drainage therapy.

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Sheremet MI, Shidlovskyi VO, Bedenyuk AD, Shidlovskyi OV, Maksymyuk VV, Tkachuk NP, Batig VM, Glushchenko TA, Abramchuk II, Malish­evsky IA. Drug therapy in autoimmune thyroiditis. Arch Balk Med Union 2018; 53(3):373-380. DOI 10.31688/ABMU.2018.53.3.10