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33rd Balkan Medical Week


Dear Colleagues,

We have pleasure in inviting you to the 33rd BALKAN MEDICAL WEEK and the DAYS of the CENTRAL MILITARY EMERGENCY UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL of Bucharest, organized by the Romanian Section of the Balkan Medical Union, the Central Military Emergency University Hospital,  the Romanian Society of Emergency and Trauma Surgery, the Balkan Committee of Military Medicine.

Venue: the National Military Cercle of Bucharest
Date: 8-11 October 2014




  • medical emergencies
  • surgical emergencies
  • traumatology
  • emergency military medicine in time of crisis
  • aspects of balkan medicine, public health
  • miscellanea (varia)


The scientific event will be preceded by pre-congress courses.

This event is an unique occasion to gather physicians and medical assistants of varied specialties from the balkan countries (Romania, Greece, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc), representatives of the Medical Academy of France, leaders of opinion, representatives of the military medicine in the Balkans, of the pharmaceutical industry, of the health systems, aiming at discussing on the the newest innovations in the diagnosis, the treatment and the prevention of the medico-surgical affections in the balkan countries.

The scientific programme will be completed by an attractive social programme, that will lead to the success of this meeting.

The attendees are invited to send abstracts (oral presentations and posters) for this prestigious scientific event wishing to promote the collaboration and the friendship among the Balkan countries physicians.

Abstracts should be structured as follows: Introduction, Material and method, Results, Conclusions, 250 words at the most, TNR 12, spaced at one line, in French or in English.

Accepted abstracts will be published as a supplement to the journal “Archives of the Balkan Medical Union’’.

Solely original papers will be accepted. Authors will take upon themselves the contents of the papers.

Abstracts will be sent to the following e-mail:

For registration and details please visit the link:

Official languages: French, English, Romanian    

Deadline for sending the abstracts: the 15th of August 2014.
Details will be soon posted on the BMU site:

Balkan Medical Union                                                         Central Military Emergency University Hospital
Secretary General: Or Dr V.Sarbu                                      Commander: Col.Dr Florentina Ionita Radu
President of the Romanian Section:
Pr Dr Daniela Bartos
Secretary: Dr Camelia Diaconu

Romanian Society of Surgery And Trauma                         Balkan Military Medicine Committee
President: Pr Dr Mircea Beuran                                           President: Dr Bogdan Marinescu


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