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A rare case of Moschcowitz syndrome during the third trimester of pregnancy


Introduction: Moschcowitz Syndrome is a rare condition characterized by insidious acute onset and thrombosis of the small blood vessels.

Case report: A 24 year old, 32 weeks pregnant patient is brought by the ambulance to Saint Pantelimon Emergency Room, with temporo-spatial disorientation, in a state of stupor, responding only to painful stimuli, while BP and PR are in normal range, preliminary blood tests show severe thrombocytopenia and severe anemia. The fulminant deterioration of the patient and the difficulty of differential diagnosis represent the particularity of this case.

Conclusions: The necessity of an early diagnosis associated with immediate beginning of the treatment is clear due to its’ fulminant evolution. If the treatment is installed early the survival rate is 70-90% otherwise the mortality and morbidity rates are high.

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