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A rare case of pigmented cutaneous malignant melanoma of the vulva



Introduction. Malignant skin melanoma accounts for 1% of all human malignancies. Vulvar melanoma constitutes less than 1% of all melanomas and it is the second most common malignant tumour of the vulva, accounting for 10% of all vulvar malignancies. Usually, it is detected in a later stage compared to other skin melanomas because of its anatomical location and represents a real diagnostic and treatment challenge for dermatologists and gynaecologists.

Case presentation. We present a rare clinical case of a 27-year-old woman with pigmented malignant melanoma affecting the left labium majora.

Conclusions. Malignant vulvar melanoma in women under the age of 45 years is rare. It is more aggressive than other types of malignant skin melanomas because of its relatively late diagnosis. Knowledge of the disease will improve the medical care provided and patients’ prognosis.

Keywords: melanoma, vulvar melanoma, pigmented melanoma

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Vasileva PP, Slavchev SH, Kostov SG, Vasileva-Slaveva MB, Konsoulova AA. A rare case of pigmented cutaneous malignant melanoma of the vulva. Arch Balk Med Union. 2020;55(3):523-526.