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Current aspects in the recovery of oral cavity functions during mixed dentition



The objective of the study was to analyze a phenomenon that is more and more common in dental practice, i.e. the simultaneous presence on the arch of both the temporary tooth and the successor tooth.

Material and method. The study has been conducted  for over a year (1.01.2018-31.12.2018) by the authors practicing in Romania. From the total number of patients, we selected and studied those who had in the oral cavity both their temporary teeth and their successor teeth. In addition to their recording in the oral cavity, where appropriate, the temporary teeth extraction was used to place the definitive ones so that the functions of the dental-maxillary apparatus would not be altered.

Results. 272 children with different pathologies at the oral cavity level were evaluated, of whom 102 children (37.5%) presented both temporary and definitive successor teeth. There were no significant differences between the two sexes. In the majority of cases, the temporary teeth and the definitive teeth were not in the same plane so that, on the arches line, the temporary ones and the permanent ones had an ectopic position; the temporary teeth had unreabsorbed roots and the final teeth had a defective position.

Conclusions. Presence on the arches of both the definitive teeth and the temporal teeth leads to malocclusions that, if not corrected, the entire oral cavity will be damaged. If teeth with malposition do not return to their normal place on the arch, the patient will be directed to the orthodontic specialist.

Keywords: temporary teeth, definitive teeth, recovery, simultaneous, eruption.

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Andrei KOZMA
“Alessandrescu-Rusescu” National Institute for Mother and Child Health, Bucharest, Romania, Academy of Romanian Scientists


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Iordan Dumitru AD, Lazarescu H, Kozma A, et al. Current aspects in the recovery of oral cavity functions during mixed dentition. Arch Balk Med Union 2019;54(2):288-292.