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Dermatological manifestations of HIV-infection/AIDS


Introduction. Nowadays, HIV/AIDS is one of the most urgent medical and social problems. That’s why it is important to study the regional peculiarities of dermatological manifestations of HIV/AIDS for early diagnosis and timely treatment. The objective was to study the peculiarities of clinical
manifestations of dermatological diseases of HIV/ AIDS patients in the inhabitants of Chernivtsi region, Ukraine.
Material and methods. The analysis of medical records of 356 HIV- infected patients and 94 AIDS-patients from Chernivtsi region. Diagnosis of HIV-infection/AIDS was based on clinical data and commonly accepted laboratory criteria.
Results. The following infectious skin diseases in HIV/AIDS-patients (92.9% of patients) were registered: dermatomycoses (70.2%), viral dermatoses (51.6%), pyodermas (16.4%), combined diseases – 38.2%; nonspecific dermatoses – in 26.2% of patients. Kaposi’s sarcoma was detected in 5 (1.1%) HIV/AIDS patients and hairy leukoplakia of the tongue – in 3 (0.67%) patients. The peculiarities of the structure of dermatological manifestations of HIV-infection/AIDS in patients at different stages of the clinical course of the disease were established.
Conclusions. Among the HIV/AIDS patients of Chernivtsi region, the most frequent dermatological
pathologies are infectious skin diseases (fungal, viral, pustular) and nonspecific skin diseases, which are characterized by severe clinical course. The frequency of their manifestations is variable, depending on the different clinical stages of the disease, and should be taken into account when examining the patients from this geographical area, as well as while teaching dermatovenereology to medical students.
Key words: HIV/AIDS, dermatological manifestations, regional peculiarities.

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