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Electronic health record with economic analysis of temporary disability morbidity


Introduction: Occupational Health Services (OHS) have useful information for both the work environmental factors and the health status of persons employed in the enterprise. Much of OHS no electronic recording and storing of information and still work only with paper reports. This determines the need for a unified information system in this field through which to achieve a greater efficiency in the management of information flows.

Objective: The aim of this study is to explore and develop an electronic version of the health record with an economic analysis of temporary disability morbidity for the needs of OHS, as part of a comprehensive information system related to the health of workers. Material and

Methods: To achieve the target aim are used the capabilities of relational databases. Software implementation is carried out with MS ACCESS 2010. This product as structure and management of the database makes it possible to realize the aim. Result: Developed an electronic version of the health record for OHS with economic analysis of the value of temporary disability morbidity (TDM), occupational accidents and diseases with all their consequences. We offer mathematical calculation models and finding a set of indicators reflecting losses on TMD for a period of time for all workers, and the amount of financial prejudices suffered by them.

Conclusion: The uniform software of OHS will help improve the overall efficiency associated with the exchange of information between interested institutions. Abbreviations: AW – Accidents at Work, HSW – Health and Safety at Work low, MH – Ministry of Health, OD – Occupational Diseases, OHS – Occupational Health Services, RHI – Regional Health Inspections, TDM – Temporary Disability Morbidity.

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