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Genetic implications in vitiligo and vitiligo-associated diseases



Vitiligo is a chronic, asymptomatic, disease that affects the patient from a cosmetic point of view. It is characterized by the appearance of depigmented areas on the skin or mucous membranes. Depending on the morphology of the lesions, vitiligo can be classified into: segmental, non-segmented or mixed. Vitiligo is associated with a range of autoimmune disorders, most commonly autoimmune thyroid diseases, alopecia areata, halo nevi, psoriasis, diabetes, etc. Etiology is not entirely elucidated, autoimmune theory related to specific genetic mutations being the most studied.

Keywords: vitiligo, genetics, vitiligo-associated diseases, genetic susceptibility.

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Stanescu AMA, Grajdeanu IV, Serban B, Bratu OG, Socea B, Pantea Stoian A, Diaconu CC. Genetic implications in vitiligo and vitiligo-associated diseases. Arch Balk Med Union 2019;54(1):161-165.