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Indicators of markers of bone metabolism in patients with generalized periodontitis depending on blood group



Introduction. The close relationship of the osteoporosis with the periodontal tissue disease is of great importance in dentistry, because of the development of inflammatory-destructive processes of tooth holding tissues. A database to individualize the basics of metabolism in terms of bone remodeling in patients with generalized periodontitis (GP) in connection with AB0-belonging will reveal the fundamental basis of the influence of group-specific features of blood flow and treatment of generalized periodontitis.

The aim of the study was to assess the dynamics of bone remodeling markers in blood and oral liquid of patients with generalized periodontitis, with different blood groups.

Material and methods. The clinical and laboratory studies were conducted in 175 patients with generalized periodontitis (main group) and in 120 persons without somatic and dental diseases (comparison group), who were divided into groups in connection with AB0-belonging. It was determined the activity of acid and alkaline phosphatase in blood and oral liquid of patients, by conventional biochemical methods, and levels of osteocalcin and C-end telopeptide by ELISA.

Results. Patients with generalized periodontitis presented a significant increase of the markers of bone resorption (acid phosphatase and C-end telopeptides), while healthy persons presented a reduction of these parameters of bone formation (osteocalcin and alkaline phosphatase) in blood and oral liquid, regardless of blood group affiliation. Further, processes of bone resorption in blood and oral liquid were examined in patients with GP, carriers of O(I) and A(II) blood groups. It was noted that the process of bone formation for these levels of osteocalcin and alkaline phosphatase were significantly lower in patients with GP, in O(I) and B(III) blood groups.

Conclusions. The results of the study showed that in patients with GP there is an imbalance in the processes of bone remodeling, regardless of AB0-belonging. The study of the composition and functions, not only of blood, but also of saliva, can find high regulatory and trophic potential of this biological environment and the diversity of its protective and compensatory features.

Keywords: generalized periodontitis, AB0-belonging, bone tissue, markers of bone metabolism.

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Bandrivsky Y, Bandrivska O, Gnid R, Minko L, Shevchuk M. Indicators of markers of bone metabolism in patients with generalized periodontitis depending on blood group. Arch Balk Med Union 2019;54(1):72-77.