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Multimodal therapy for abdominal surgery


Postoperative pain management is an essential step of perioperative care. Besides fear of the outcome of surgery, statistically it is proved that the greatest dread of the patient is the intensity and lack of control of postoperative pain. To ensure the quality of life of the patient it is essential both to control surgery-induced pain and symptomatic post-operative therapy.
Acute pain can occur in a patient due to surgery or might be a sign of complications. Postoperative pain therapy is adapted to individual needs. It is a marker of the quality of medical care. The patient and his family will be informed before surgery about the types of pain treatment, about methods such as PCA (patient controlled analgesia) or PCEA (patient-controlled epidural analgesia) and even about behavioral therapies for anxiety and pain control.
Opioid analgesia is the best choice in case of pain after surgery. Picking the type of medication, dosage, route of administration and duration of therapy will be personalized.

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